Check out the tower!

The Nature and Ecology Museum of Polotsk ... visited the local museum of nature.” In the footsteps of the ... waterfall, indicates the connection between nature and man.” All floors of ... . Greetings from Carboniferous period The Nature and Ecology Museum of Polotsk ... we have presented died a natural death or perished, for example ... to live in harmony with nature. Natalya Mikhal outlines, “Naftan is ...

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Let’s listen to the birds

... amaze with the richness of natural ecosystems and complexes. In addition ... the Minsk Regional Committee for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Andrei ... relaxing, there are two botanical natural monuments nearby — the Listopadovichi and ... gets along and the natural beauty of nature multiplies. There is no ...

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The attraction of the native land

... are many unique historical and natural places in Belarus. The pandemic ... is important to remember about nature. Nevertheless, Andrei Prokoshin is convinced ... International Union for Conservation of Nature. Any event, no matter how ... , has a popularising effect on nature and ecology. For this purpose ... true beauty: castles, national parks, nature reserves and museums. That is ...

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News photo: bird's-eye view of wonderful Belarus

Belarus is a country with amazing nature and beautiful architecture. It has no high mountains and seas, but there are a lot of picturesque hills, dense forests, meadows, blue rivers and lakes, and unique swamps here.

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Preserve natural blessings for future generations

... flora. A green island of nature in the centre of Europe ... in greenery (I mean our nature), and we would like our ...

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South China Sea level is 150mm up since early 20th century

Researchers from South China Sea Institute of Oceanology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences have revealed that the water level in the South China Sea has risen by 150mm since 1900 – as reported by TASS with reference to China Daily Photo: According to the publication, the scientists made this discovery after studying the specifics of coral development. The study showed that, from 1850 to 1900, the sea level rose by 0.73mm per year and then rose by 1.31mm per year from 1900 to ...

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Belarus appealed to Council of Europe due to fence construction in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Belarus’ Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Andrei ... gene pool. Belarus’ Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection asked ... Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Berne Convention).

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Attraction of a natural pearl

... into the wild world of nature. Since the beginning of the ... reality methods. Science to help nature Noble deer Photo by Anton ... Stepanischev The natural reality is the local forest ...

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Dendrological garden planned for Braslav Lakes National Park

... that do not grow in natural conditions on the territory of ...

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