News photo: spring at Senitskoye reservoir, Minsk District

Belarus , spring , nature

Picturesque scenery of bougainvillea blossoms in SW China's Yunnan

... spring and the elegance of nature's handicraft. Photos show the ...

China , nature , bougainvillea blossoms

News photo: warm April evening in Belarus

Belarus , spring , nature

News photo: nature awakening in Belarus

spring , nature , Belarus

Media: New Zealand’s Maori king calls for whales to be recognised as individuals and given rights

... than simply as part of natural resources. These rights include freedom ... movement, the ability to develop natural behaviours, express their unique culture ...

whales , nature , people

News photo: Baikonur steppes and their inhabitants (Kazakhstan)

Baikonur , steppes , wild animals , nature

The scent of spring

... beautiful time of the year. Nature is revived after long winter ... delighted with the waywardness of nature. That is why spring is ... windows. The famous Turovsky Meadow Nature Reserve is located along the ... to see the awakening of nature in all its glory, go ...

Belarus , nature , spring , Brest , Turov , Belovezhskaya Pushcha , botanical garden

Earth’s temperature sets new heat records for nine months in a row

For the first time in history, the global temperature on the planet has been breaking records for nine months in a row, of which it has been approaching the ‘ line’ of the Paris Agreement for eight months and exceeding the norm by 1.5 degrees – as stated by the Scientific Supervisor of the Hydrometeorological Research Centre of Russia, Roman Vilfand, RIA Novosti reports PHOTO: WWW.FREEPIK.COM The forecaster noted that February became the ninth record warm month on the planet in a row. “At the ...

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News photo: pair of swans returned to nesting in Buda-Koshelevo District

Belarus , swans , nature

News photo: Spring in Belarusian forest

Belarus , nature , spring , forest

R&D establishment in Belovezhskaya Pushcha to study wildlife

In 2025, a modern international scientific-research centre will be built in the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park to study the wildlife According to Aleksandr Ovsey, the Deputy Director General of the national park, the idea of building such a centre was born a decade ago. “A concept was eventually decided upon, and pre-design work is already being completed. The ground floor will house laboratories of theriology, auroch studies, ornithology and entomology, botany and forestry, soil science ...

belovezhskaya pushcha , nature , national park , r&d

Keeping in mind rare species

... direction in our country’s nature protection, with a new edition ...

Belarus , nature , red book , rare , species

26 Belarusian wetlands are of international importance

... Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources’ Main Department of Waste ... importance for the preservation of natural ecological systems of biological and ... landscape diversity and natural heritage. “These territories are an ... objectives is the preservation of natural bogs. The document has been ... Government and the Ministry of Natural Resources, that define, among other ...

Belarus , ecology , nature , wetlands

Environmental agencies of Belarus, China signed co-operation development roadmap

Belarus’ Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Andrei ... 2024-2026, Belarus’ Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection reports ... delegation of Belarus’ Ministry of Natural Resources to China. The roadmap ... countries," the Ministry of Natural Resources stressed.

Belarus , china , nature , environment

In the footsteps of the Belarusian dragon

Lepel District is a unique natural area. Here, under the protection ... of the Berezinsky Nature Reserve, there are thousands of ... snowdrifts around. Despite the good-natured appearance of the sculpture, some ... is held in the Berezinsky Nature Reserve. “If you believe the ... the territory of the Berezinsky Nature Reserve, but nearby,” says Father ...

Belarus , Lepel District , Tsmok , dragon , legend , Father Frost , nature , tourism

Where is the most beautiful autumn in Belarus

Rustle colourful leaves, breathe in the mists over dewy meadows and harvest the sweetest apples — a very romantic time of year is coming in Belarus belta Ozertso (Minsk Region) When in Russia you need to go to the North, to Onega Lake in order to enjoy the wondrous beauty of wooden architecture, then in Belarus everything is simpler. The huge Skansen museum is located just a couple of kilometres from the bustling capital — in the village of Ozertso. Here you can travel back in time and see what ...

Belarus , nature , tourism , autumn , beauty

Nature is calling

... the same time, specially protected natural areas are not some kind ... of the Ministry of Nature and Natural Resources and Environmental Protection ... over the world, specially protected natural areas, as accumulators of the ... the system of specially protected natural areas includes more than 1 ... Pripyatsky National Park by a ‘natural performance’. In the main roles ... demonstration objects — the Museum of Nature, the Museum of Honey and ... reserves, as well as the natural monument Golubaya Krinitsa, in addition ...

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Picturesque embankments of Belarus

Today we introduce you to the picturesque embankments. All major cities of the country stand on the banks of ancient rivers. Once upon a time, these were the key trade routes of Ancient Rus’, and today they are admired while walking on land and water. Svisloch River in Minsk The embankment stretches almost along the entire river in the city — it looks into green parks and wraps around key hallmarks. Walking along it, you can get to the party street Zybitskaya, see the historical buildings of the ...

Belarus , embankments , rivers , nature , beauty

Unknown species

... finding inhabitants of more southern natural zones — steppes and even semi ...

belarus , nature , fauna , species , climate change , Steppe butterflies , tarantulas , mantises , vultures

Cool beaches near Minsk

... ecology. Only rest alone with nature! At the same time, all ... . Despite the bias towards the natural environment, the area near the ...

belarus , nature , beach , rest , water , minsk , tourism

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