Macron called on West to provide Ukraine with reliable security guarantees

... possible membership of Ukraine in NATO is concerned, according to Emmanuel ...

France , Ukraine , NATO

American media: NATO has secret plan in case of military conflict with Russia

NATO is preparing a secret plan ... According to the journalist, a NATO summit in Vilnius plans to ... clash with Russia. "As NATO has increased its influence on ... 10th, the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer ... statement that the alliance countries need to be ready for a ...

nato , russia

Reuters: NATO split over Ukraine membership bid

... According to Reuters, NATO foreign ministers will seek to ... of the material believes that NATO has not acceded to Ukraine ... , the Kiev authorities insist that NATO at least take concrete steps ... alliance’s summit in July. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made ...

Ukraine , NATO

Ukraine officially joined NATO cyber centre

Ukraine has officially joined the NATO Co-operative Cyber Defence Centre ... at the headquarters of the NATO Co-operative Cyber Defence Centre ... into the work of the NATO Co-operative Cyber Defence Centre ... its integration into the NATO infrastructure’. The NATO Co-operative Cyber Defence ...

Ukraine , NATO

US politician: Putin successfully winning over NATO

... -criminal evil empire calling itself NATO. Putin follows international law, but ... that the United States and NATO must withdraw their troops from ...

russia , Putin , NATO

China warned of undermining regional peace in case of NATO expansion in Asia

NATO advance into the Asia-Pacific ... Ning, the continued expansion of NATO to the east will definitely ... rivalry, and such steps of NATO will contribute to block confrontation ... Nikkei announced an intention of NATO to open a representative office ... a liaison office through which NATO countries and Japan will be ...

china , nato , japan , Asia

US General Staff Head: Washington and its allies helped Ukraine prepare nine brigades

Washington and its NATO partners have helped Kiev in ... that Ukraine was assisted by NATO countries and European partners of ...

NATO , Ukraine

Szijjarto urged NATO to avoid direct participation in Ukrainian conflict

... agreement had been reached in NATO that the alliance would not ... respected in the future. If NATO is directly involved in this ...

Hungary , NATO , Ukraine

Gaidukevich: NATO needs Ukrainian territory only as platform for war with Russia

NATO uses Ukrainian lands as a ... to him, at the upcoming NATO summit, which will be held ... in Ukraine, the EU and NATO countries will not understand this ... no one to invite to NATO, because Ukraine, in fact, does ... Russia, a training range where NATO supplies any ammunition and uses ... like to see in NATO. They don’t need it. The Prime ... any entry of Ukraine into NATO.”

Gaidukevich , NATO , Ukraine

Norway plans to raise defence spending to 2% of GDP by 2026

... percentage targets. <...> We need long-term planning and build ... capita than everybody else at NATO, except for the United States ...

Norway , NATO , defence spending

NATO defence ministers to meet on May 10th in Brussels

The defence ministers of NATO member states will meet on May 10th in Brussels, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM The North Atlantic Alliance indicated in its statement that the decision to hold a meeting was made during a videoconference of NATO defence ministers and Sweden, which was devoted to ‘discussing the ongoing work on military planning within the framework of NATO's collective defence’. It is not specified what issues will be discussed at the meeting in Brussels.


About 20% of NATO standards implemented in Ukraine

... at least 1.2 thousand NATO standards have been implemented in ... about 28-29 percent of NATO regulatory legal acts have also ... are more than 1,200 NATO standards, and most countries have ... implemented about 20 percent of NATO standards, and about 28-29 ... with partners on 180 more NATO standards that the Ukrainian side ... is able to implement. Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said ... be put on the agenda: NATO countries will once again express ... Soviet standards and doctrines to NATO ones’.

Ukraine , NATO

NYT: NATO preparing for military operations on its borders

... of strengthening them. A senior NATO source familiar with the situation ... they are now ‘deciding with NATO exactly how the United States ...

nato , russia

Chinese media: NATO attempts to force Zelenskyy to hit Crimean bridge will turn into disaster

... Asia Times reads that if NATO provides open military support to ... , the US and UK, would need to take down the Kerch ...

ukraine , russia , NATO

Poll: more than half of Moldovans surveyed are against the country's NATO membership

... the country are against joining NATO, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ... residents are ready to support NATO membership (26.9 percent in ...

poll , moldova , nato

Cache of NATO’s hollow point bullets found in Zaporozhye

A cache of NATO hollow point bullets was found ... military kept part of the NATO ammunition imported into the country ... uniform with a patch of NATO member countries was also found ...

nato , zaporozhye , weapons

Ukraine’s Defence Minister: Merkel convinced NATO not to accept Ukraine and Georgia into the alliance

... negatively about the possibility of NATO expansion during the Bucharest summit ...

reznikov , merkel , Ukraine , NATO

Volodin: Washington and NATO using Ukraine as testing ground for weapons

The United States and the North Atlantic Alliance are using Ukraine as a testing ground for weapons, including biological ones, and testing new methods of warfare – as noted by Speaker of the Russian State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in his Telegram channel photo: At the same time, Volodin stressed that citizens of European countries and the United States are increasingly in favour of ending support for Kiev. According to the Speaker of the Russian State Duma, 43 percent of US residents ...

Volodin , US , NATO , Ukraine , Europe

Czech Republic said Ukraine’s joining NATO won’t solve the problems of Kiev

... ’s aspirations to become a NATO member, but joining the North ... to become a member of NATO, but that won’t automatically ... Kiev was applying to join NATO on an accelerated basis. Later ... was not timely. In turn, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, commenting ... of the Ukrainian leader, recognised NATO’s unchanged position on the ...

Czech Republic , NATO , Ukraine

Poll reveals more than a third of Americans have little idea of what NATO is

... ’ or ‘little know’ about what NATO really is – as confirmed by ... ’ (36 percent) aware of what NATO is and the role it ... support continued US membership in NATO. The majority answered positively, 19 ...


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