German Interior Ministry calling for full security checks at border with Czech Republic and Poland

... borders with Poland and the Czech Republic to combat illegal migration, TASS ... borders of Poland and the Czech Republic. Moreover, she wants to achieve ... police to operate in the Czech Republic in order to combat illegal ...

Germany , Poland , Czech Republic , illegal migration , border

MP: Belarus’ suspension of CFE Treaty with Poland and Czech Republic is retaliatory measure against Prague and Warsaw

... Republic of Poland and the Czech Republic – at a meeting of the ... relation to Poland and the Czech Republics. According to the treaty, five ... years. In August 2022, the Czech Republic announced the termination of the ...

house of representatives , poland , Czech Republic , CFE Treaty

Poll shows 57% of Czechs believe economic situation in the country is bad

... the economic situation in the Czech Republic to be ‘bad’ or ‘very ...

Poll , Czech Republic

Czech Republic plans to send Ukraine new batch of combat helicopters

... yet been announced. Moreover, the Czech Republic is considering the possibility of ... application in Ukraine, while the Czech Republic will replace them with the ...

Czech Republic , Ukraine

Czech Republic said it is ready to help Ukraine organise elections in 2024

... Daniel Drake said that the Czech Republic is ready to help Ukraine ... be organised next year. The Czech Republic is ready to support Ukraine ...

Czech Republic , Ukraine

Weapons forge of the Third Reich

The Czech Republic has not become a peace- ... War In recent years, the Czech Republic, this sweet and kind country ... . What did we imagine the Czech Republic (and even earlier — Czechoslovakia) to ... sympathy have completely evaporated. The Czech Republic suddenly began to show an ... head of the good-natured Czech Republic offers to remember that terrible ...

Czech Republic , Weapons forge , history , politics

Czech Republic has to use decommissioned railway cars

The Czech Republic has experienced an acute shortage ...

Czech Republic , transport , railway

Czech Finance Ministry: cost of assistance to Ukrainian refugees exceeded $1.5bn

... Ukrainians after arriving [in the Czech Republic] began to work [in the ... . Since February 2th4, 2022, the Czech Republic has granted temporary protection status ...

Ukraine , Czech Republic

Czech Republic said Ukraine’s joining NATO won’t solve the problems of Kiev

The Czech Republic supports Ukraine’s aspirations to ...

Czech Republic , NATO , Ukraine

Czech Republic urged EU to prepare for new wave of refugees from Ukraine in winter

The Interior Minister of the Czech Republic, which holds the EU presidency, ...

Czech Republic , refugees , Ukraine , eu

Czech General Staff urges to prepare for possible war with Russia

... Karel Řehka, believes that the Czech Republic should maintain the level of ...

Czech Republic , Russia , NATO , war

Media: $2.9bn of South Korean-made weapons to arrive in Ukraine through the Czech Republic

... be carried out through the Czech Republic at the expense of the ...

Ukraine , Czech Republic , south korea

Czech Republic invited EU energy ministers for emergency meeting

The Czech Republic – which is currently presiding over ...

eu , Czech Republic , energy

Czech farmers to organise protests

The Agrarian Chamber and the Union of Czech Farmers intend to hold protest actions using agricultural machinery – as reported by RIA Novosti Photo: The spokeswoman for the Agrarian Chamber Barbora Pankova, noted that demonstrations are planned on September 15th during a meeting of EU agriculture ministers in the Czech capital. No other details of the planned protest were given. The President of the Agrarian Chamber, Jan Dolezal, described the situation of farmers as unstable ...

Czech republic , agriculture , protests

Czech Republic proposes to revise EU's policy towards Russia

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky voiced an intention to discuss the need to revise the policy towards Russia with the EU member states, taking into account new threats, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Mr. Lipavsky said he would like to propose to think of the future policy of the European Union towards the Russian Federation. “A number of fundamental principles on which relations between the EU and Russia are based need to be updated and adapted to the new reality of hostility,” ...

Czech Republic , russia , threats

Czech general recognised NATO’s unpreparedness for long-term support of Ukraine

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the West to provide military assistance to Ukraine in the form of deliveries of various weapons – as stated by the former chief of the Czech military intelligence, Major General Andor Šándor, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to the general, some countries were initially in no hurry to provide military assistance to Ukraine. Germany, for example, promised to transfer a large number of various weapons to Kiev but, in fact, the country ...

NATO , Ukraine , Czech Republic

Czech food supplies in case of emergency enough for 36 hours only

This was announced by the Chairman of the Administration of State Material Reserves of the Czech Republic, Pavel Svagr, in his talk with Ceskatelevize Photo: Food reserves are expected to be replenished to be enough for 15 days – but this step would require at least 12bn Crowns. At the moment, food – including frozen meat, canned food, butter, cheese, sugar, etc – are mainly stocked at manufacturers’ warehouses.

czech republic , food

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