Cultural code of Belarusians

The President of Belarus visited the Kupala Night Republican Festival in Alexandria belta This colourful festival, which this year brought together an unprecedented number of guests (about 80 thousand) and has grown to an international scale, impressed both with a concert programme and a fun exhibition-fair. By the way, the motto and leitmotif of the holiday was ‘Protective Amulet for Peace and Unity’. Since the stork was chosen as the symbol of the Year of Peace and Creation among all the ...

Lukashenko , Kupala , Alexandria gathers friends , Festival

News photo: festive atmosphere at Kupala Night in Alexandria

Alexandria gathers friends , kupala night

Lukashenko: aspiration for justice and patriotism rooted in Belarusians’ cultural code

... which hosts the Kupala Night (Alexandria Gathers Friends) Republican Festival today. Before the ...

Lukashenko , Alexandria gathers friends , kupala night

News photo: Union State Stars in Alexandria concert held at Kupala Night Festival

kupala night , Alexandria gathers friends

Sergeyenko: Kupala Night in Alexandria celebrates Belarusian-Russian friendship

Noting the impressive scales of the Kupala Night Festival – that is being held today in the Shklov District, the Head of Belarus’ President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko, proposed an interesting alternative to the holiday name “I would call it Alexandria Gaining Momentum,” Mr. Sergeyenko smiled. “I remember perfectly well how it all started in 2010; it was much more modest and simpler. However, every new year, the holiday attracted an increasing number of people – thanks to the efforts of the ...

sergeyenko , kupala night , Alexandria gathers friends

Kursk Region Governor: true friends gathered in Alexandria

The Governor of Russia’s Kursk Region, Roman Starovoit, shared his impressions of the Kupala Night honouring festival in the Shklov District of Belarus, saying that it has gathered true friends on July 8 th “I think this is the key word, because a friend is known in hard times. Really, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Right now, we are going through such a period, so it is very important to support each other. It seems to me that friendship is getting stronger when mutually beneficial ties ...

Alexandria gathers friends , russia , festival

Bryansk Region Governor: for me, Belarus means the good past and the good present

The Alexandria Gathers Friends festival is being held today ...

Kupala Festival , Alexandria gathers friends , russia , bogomaz

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