State Border Committee: cause of death of a refugee on the Polish border become known

On January 7th, a refugee’s body was found in the Polish border area, that was a doctor from Yemen. As Belarus’ State Border Committee reports in its Telegram channel , the foreigner died because of the Polish military’s inaction. Photo: According to the Polish side, on January 7th, a corpse was found in the Polish border area. Later it became known that was a doctor from Yemen. The refugees’ relatives stayed with him on the Polish territory and informed that the man was unwell. ...

State Border Committee , refugees , accident , poland

70+ law enforcement officers injured during protests in Lutzerath, Germany

About 70 police officers were injured in the German village of Lutzerath, where people protested against coal mining, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to the Aachen police, by now, more than 300 people have been evicted from Lutzerath, while four acts of resistance have been committed. Two activists still remain in an underground tunnel, other participants of the action managed to be removed from the village. Twelve protesters were detained by the police. "Since the ...

germany , protests , Accident

Europol: large network of criminal groups liquidated in Europe

A large-scale international campaign involving law enforcement agencies from eleven countries resulted in the elimination of a large network of criminal groups engaged into various illegal activities – as stated by European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Co-operation (Europol), TASS reports Photo: As informed, 44 persons suspected on belonging to a high-risk criminal network in the European Union were detained during the operation. Following the investigation, it was ...

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