Posted: 16.03.2023 12:17:00

System for diagnosing brain cancer using drops of biofluids created in Japan

Japanese researchers have developed a system for early express diagnostics of malignant tumours in the tissues of the nervous system, enabling to detect cancer cells in a patient’s body by a few drops of blood and other biological fluids, with the work published in the ACS Nano magazine, TASS reports


“The nanowire-based test we have created can very quickly and efficiently isolate extracellular vesicles with cancer biomarkers from bio-fluids. In the future, our system can be adapted to detect other forms of tumours, for which it will be enough just to change the set of protein and micro-RNA molecules that catch our nanowires,” said Takao Yasui, Associate Professor at Nagoya University (Japan).

Yasui and colleagues have developed a system for the rapid and accurate diagnosis of glioma, glioblastoma, and other forms of brain cancer that relies on extracellular vesicles for its work. A key part of this diagnostic approach is zinc oxide nanowires – capable of trapping specific types of nano-containers from bio-fluids and manipulating their contents.