Posted: 30.09.2021 11:38:00

Sugar beet harvesting in full swing in Belarus

Sugar beet harvesting is now in its active stage in Belarus – as reported by the Deputy Prime Minister, Aleksandr Subbotin 

Before a meeting focusing on autumn field works, Mr. Subbotin said, “Simultaneously with the sowing campaign, harvesting is completing. Almost half of our potatoes and vegetables have been harvested and only 10 percent of flax remain on fields. Sugar beet harvesting is now in full swing and we get 4,200 tonnes of sugar daily. The work is intense.”

Speaking of the sowing campaign, the Deputy Prime Minister noted that there is a certain lag in terms of deadlines since, in September, there was much more precipitation than usual. “On these weather permitting days, we want to make the most of the opportunity and sow all our winter crops. Next week, the work will complete, we hope,” Mr. Subbotin added.