Posted: 01.02.2023 16:58:00

Such similar Boeings, or Western democracy went to the peak

The time for double standards is behind us. There comes a time of at least two worlds, where rules apply for the members only.

On January 22nd, 2023, ‘a RyanAir Boeing flying from Poland reported a bomb on board.’
‘Hungarian and Greek fighters were raised into the air.’
‘RyanAir passenger carrier with a bomb on board plane makes emergency landing in Athens’
‘Boeing was escorted by two F-16 fighters, which, after landing, returned to their base in Greek Volos.’
Have you read such and similar panic messages in the world press? Have you seen the reports on CNN, BBC, Euronews? Aren’t there still many hyped headlines about the barbaric landing of a passenger liner by combat fighters in telegram channels and other news feeds even now?
No, there aren’t any.
That is, not a bit. This story was simply ignored by all the world’s leading news aggregators. Precisely based on the fact that they all did it, it can be argued that they ignored it on purpose. Consciously. By order, if you like.
The story itself, alas, is quite familiar to our time. There was a flight from Katowice to Athens. ‘A bomb on board of a passenger plane was reported by the crew of the aircraft’. Accordingly, all international protocols for such cases were involved.
Literally the same thing happened with the RyanAir flight, which made an emergency landing in Minsk in May 2021. The only difference is that the pilots reported the bomb on board, but not a bomb threat letter was sent to several airports along the way.
Although no, not only: ‘The plane was ordered to change its route and fly over the sea, as required by security protocols for such situations.’ What the Belarusians did not do at all, the pilots themselves made the decision to change course to Minsk. Moreover, fighters did not accompany the ‘aircraft over the sea’ in Belarus, ready to drop it into that sea if it suddenly wants to ‘over land’, right?
In other words, the Greeks acted harder than we do. But no one even blurted out: neither ICAO, nor the EU, nor the United States. Even the European Parliament and the OSCE/ODIHR were silent, although usually they are just unceasing.
Then everything was, again, according to the protocols. ‘192 people on board were evacuated.’ ‘The country’s special forces units arrived at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (Athens).’ ‘The aircraft was checked for explosives.’ ‘Passengers and luggage were screened.’
No explosive devices were found — that’s all. Nothing. Just nothing, you will not find anything else by scrolling through all the world’s news feeds.
Even about what the pilots said, how they learned, why they believed, and did not check, whether they called Dublin, to whom and why — no one in the world writes about this anymore. The issue is over. And apparently, it is closed with a rather dense, powerful and influential lid.

Even the arrest of two completely drunk people by the Greek police was not reported. Meanwhile, as the narrators retell, a drunken man was waving something remotely similar to a Nansen passport and demanded that his slag be returned to him.
“I’m not his slag,” a woman with an unpronounceable for the Greek language surname Radziwill shouted indignantly. “He said that he was an anti-crisis rescuer, PalPadlych! Rescuer of entire countries, not just aircrafts! I only drank cognac with him on the plane… and, uh… and Metaxa… You would drink too if F-16s were flying past you and not allowed to reach the land!..” she squealed.
So it was or not, and whether it was at all — we now no longer know. The information agenda of each new day carries us forward, mercilessly erasing everything that is not jumped all over by the NYT, WSJ, AFR and other ‘observers’.
In this regard, we would like to return the inquisitive reader to almost two years ago and recommend re-reading the journalistic investigation by A. Mukovozchik and M. Osipov called Lie in the Name of Truth. The Colonel of the Swiss General Staff is Convinced that the Belarusians are Right (26.08.21, SB.Belarus Segodnya).
Or read the original for yourself: Jacques Beau’s book Turnaround of RyanAir flight FR4978. Lies for the Sake of Truth. Here is one of the conclusions of the European: ‘As a result, our media and politicians are doing exactly what the ‘regimes’ they are fighting are accused of. While actively advocating European ‘values’, Western countries often do not follow them themselves. This is essentially gunboat diplomacy.’
What the world does not want to endure anymore.

After that landing of Boeing in Minsk, sanctions against Belarus were adopted almost instantly, in concert, one could even say ‘unitedly’, if it were not about the collective West. US led. They immediately closed the sky in Belarus, urgently banned Belavia from flying and readily adopted the ‘fourth sanctions package’.
The preparedness and synchronism of the movements of May-June 2021, better than anything else, indicates that all these actions were prepared by the West in advance. Just like the hysteria in the world media, on the Internet, in social networks and on platforms, which did not subside for a month, until the end of June 2021.
Meanwhile, the report of ICAO, the only International Civil Aviation Organisation, which, on behalf of the UN, can be the first to give at least some assessment! — was slowly born only at the end of July of the same year (One Hundred Pages of Shame, 07.22.21, SB.Belarus Segodnya). Because basically no one needed it.
And when at the meeting of the ICAO Council at the beginning of the next year 2022, a discussion of the streamlined report of the commission was expected, they say, the Belarusians did not violate anything, well, that is, probably, maybe, but we did not find anything... — then to the federal district court of the Southern District of New York and four citizens of Belarus were charged with conspiracy to commit air piracy (Justice of the Peace, 01.22.22, SB.Belarus Segodnya).
Since then, ICAO has washed its hands. And the case, for sure, lies with the American judges and is idle without any problems. Waiting for its time. The justice of the peace is ready to judge everything that happens in his Anglo-Saxon world. And the world gendarme will carry out any order of justices of the peace, ‘even if it is contrary to the interests and values of the American people’, — E. Blinken, US Secretary of State.
‘The rulers of the world, living in the garden of civilisation’ (J. Borrell, head of EU diplomacy), are ready to defend themselves (their ‘golden billion’), their rules and their world order from the surrounding jungle (the rest of the world).
That is why Boeings, seemingly similar, will land differently in Minsk and Athens. And they will write about it in different ways — or not write at all. Sanctions against Minsk will be imposed all the way, like the last time, right up to armed intervention. But Greece — no, it was defeated a long time ago and brought to its knees with nothing more than external debt. So it stands in the corner of the garden, white like Athena, with beaten off hands and without a head, does not interfere with anyone.
Nobody will ask ICAO about anything else — from its actual uselessness. 
Sorry, I just had to rant about that.
On the subject
By Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research (aired on the ‘Weekdays’ talk show on Alfa Radio),
“The problem of air terrorism will only grow in the future, and to solve it, it is necessary to consolidate efforts around the world. Indeed, international security protocols are in force, which the Belarusian side observed in May 2021 during the incident with the RyanAir plane, and all other countries comply. But the question is different. In fact, the entire global air travel industry is facing completely new challenges. You and I, traveling by plane, are not immune from the fact that some kind of signal may come in and the plane will land in another city. In this case, all our plans can be thwarted. Of course, this does not bring anything good for any country. As part of the fight against air terrorism, it is necessary to develop joint international actions, increase the level of interaction, which the Belarusian side has always said: not to go to some kind of confrontation, but, on the contrary, to strengthen interaction in this area.”

By Andrei Mukovozchik