Posted: 23.02.2024 13:41:00

Streets named in honour of Moscow and Russian writers to be renamed in Riga

The Riga City Council decided to rename the streets that were named after Russian writers, TASS reports


Vice Mayor of Riga Edward Ratnieks, in a message posted on the department’s website, noted that in the Latvian capital there will soon be ‘no more street names with Russian ideology’. Thus, the streets named after Pushkin, Lermontov, Turgenev, Gogol, Lomonosov, as well as Moskovskaya Street (Maskavas) will receive new names. “Moskovskaya Street is one of the central streets of Riga, and its name sends the wrong signal to the local population and to the international community,” explained Riga’s Vice Mayor.

It is reported that 38 out of 60 deputies voted for renaming the streets of Riga. The streets will receive the names of Latvian cultural figures, including linguist Karlis Milenbahs, painter Vilhelms Purvitis, poet Vilis Pludonis, journalist Emilija Benjamina, as well as politician Valerija Seile. As Edvards Ratnieks explained, the renaming of streets will cost the local government approximately Є80,000.

According to the Delfi portal, the official admitted that Moskovskaya Street bore this name for about 170 years, while the new name Latgales – which he regards as historical – only from 1938 to 1940.