Posted: 04.07.2022 10:19:00

Stoltenberg said NATO ready for any consequences of Finland and Sweden joining the alliance

The North Atlantic Alliance took into account the statements of the Russian leadership that NATO expansion does not cause concern in Moscow – as noted by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during a press conference following NATO summit in Madrid, TASS reports


The NATO Secretary General noted that Finland and Sweden are independent countries, therefore they have the right to decide on joining the alliance.

“We welcome them to our alliance and are ready for any consequences. At the same time, given what is happening in Ukraine, one can say that Russia is fully focused on this conflict. Moreover, we took note of the statements from Moscow that their entry into the alliance does not change the situation much,” said Stoltenberg.

According to him, the organisation is confident in the need to prevent a direct military clash with the Russian Federation as a result of the conflict in Ukraine but is ready to protect every inch of NATO territory, including Finland and Sweden.