Posted: 18.01.2022 10:17:00

State emblem damaged on Belarusian-Polish border

Holes in a border post and a shield featuring the image of Belarus’ state emblem were detected yesterday by border guards near the V.M. Usov outpost – as informed by the Investigative Committee's Telegram channel

An investigative team is working at the scene of the incident.

The border sign is located near the Belarusian-Polish border, and its front side faces the neighbouring state.

An investigator, with involvement of the Grodno Region specialists of the State Forensic Examination Committee – is working on the site, interrogating witnesses. Metal balls have been collected there; these were presumably used to cause damage.

Fact-finding will continue as part of a criminal case initiated under Article 370 of Belarus’ Criminal Code (abuse of state symbols).

Photos by Belarus’ Investigative Committee