Posted: 22.04.2024 17:50:00

State Border Committee: five refugees found dead in less than four months of 2024

In less than four months of this year, the deaths of five refugees have been recorded – as informed by the official representative of Belarus’ State Border Committee, Anton Bychkovsky, BelTA reports

Mr. Bychkovsky said, “The migration policy of neighbouring countries is becoming increasingly tough. The norms of international law are being abolished by national legislation, thereby allowing the use of physical force and abuse of helpless people. Dangerous barriers have been erected, and the practice of violence leads to the deaths of foreigners in the border area.”

The official added that, since the beginning of the migration crisis, Belarusian border guards have found 48 bodies of refugees, half of the dead on the border with Poland.

“The methods of getting rid of refugees are becoming increasingly cruel and inhumane. In 2021, Belarusian border guards recorded the death of 6 refugees, in in 2022 – 9, in 2023 – 28. In less than 4 months of this year, five foreigners have been killed," Mr. Bychkovsky said.