Posted: 17.01.2024 17:44:00

State Border Committee explained rules for foreigners to visit Belarus without visas

Since January 1st, 6,305 foreigners have visited Belarus without visas travelling from the European Union: almost 3.5 thousand citizens of Lithuania, more than 1.2 thousand citizens and almost 300 non-citizens of Latvia, and over 1.3 thousand citizens of Poland, the State Border Committee reports

In total, 806,911 foreigners have travelled to Belarus since the beginning of the visa-free regime: almost 500 thousand Lithuanian citizens, more than 186 thousand citizens and over 56 thousand non-citizens of Latvia, as well as almost 66 thousand Polish citizens.

The Belarusian visa-free regime has been extended until December 31st, 2024, and foreigners are allowed to move all over the country. In order to visit the border area, they just need to inform a border guard at the checkpoint of the intention, indicating the settlements and the purpose of their visit.

The State Border Committee explained how the visa-free regime operates, “Lithuanian citizens and citizens (non-citizens) of Latvia can enter and leave Belarus through international checkpoints only on the Belarusian-Lithuanian and Belarusian-Latvian sections of the border. Polish citizens can enter and leave the republic through any Belarusian international checkpoint on the border with the European Union. The right of visa-free entry can be used for an unlimited number of times while this procedure is in force. The number of days of stay in Belarus on a visa-free basis should not exceed 90 within a calendar year.”

In addition, Poles, as well as citizens and non-citizens of Latvia, should register at the place of their actual temporary stay in Belarus within 10 days after their arrival. In turn, Lithuanian citizens should register within 30 days. To cross the border without a visa, it is necessary to have a valid document for travelling abroad, medical insurance, and a green card for those arriving by car.

The visa-free procedure is not operational for those who enter Belarus to obtain a residence permit, to work or study: these categories of travellers need a visa. A visa must also be obtained when transiting through the territory of Belarus to third countries.

Detailed information about visa-free visits to Belarus is available in a special section of the State Border Committee’s Internet portal and in the Border of Belarus mobile application.