Posted: 03.02.2023 16:43:00

State Border Committee: EU to deport 6,500 refugees to Poland

According to the Polish border guard, the EU states submitted about 6.5 thousand applications for the return of refugees to Poland in 2022, the State Border Committee reports in its Telegram channel

It is noted that this decision is stipulated by the rules according to which a foreigner must apply in the first EU country he entered. Accordingly, anyone who has moved from one EU state to another can be deported back to the first country which he arrived to.

The State Border Committee adds that most deportation orders come from Germany, Norway, France, Sweden and Austria, and they mainly concern asylum seekers from Iraq. It is also reported that 501 refugees have already been returned to Poland.

“Given the policy of ill–treatment of refugees carried out by the Polish authorities, the facts of forced displacement, the concealment of information about detention centres for foreigners and the restriction of media access to them, refugees deported from the EU countries are likely to be taken to the border with Belarus,” the source says.

The State Border Committee recalls that the Belarusian side has repeatedly informed on the evidence that Polish security forces displace refugees from the depths of the territory to the barriers in order to try to oust them to the neighbouring side. Threats, physical force and pepper gas are used against those who refuse to violate the border.