Posted: 06.03.2023 12:53:00

Specialists from US and Europe plan to create computer on human neurons

Neurophysiologists and mathematicians from the USA and Europe have developed the concept of creating a computer based on organoids – three-dimensional cultures of human nerve cells, with the first experiments to create ‘organoid intelligence’ systems being already carried out, TASS reports


“We call this new interdisciplinary field ‘organoid intelligence’. A community of top scientists has gathered to develop this technology, which we believe will launch a new era of fast, powerful, and efficient biocomputing,” said Thomas Hartung, Professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA).

Over the past decade, biologists have created a large number of organoids, miniature organs grown from cultures of embryonic or reprogrammed stem cells. Such cellular structures are currently being used both for drug testing and for studying the functioning of various body tissues and their associated DNA regions. Of particular interest to researchers are organoids consisting of human or animal nerve cells. Experiments on such neuron structures show that they are able to produce complex signals, interact with each other, and even integrate into the nervous system when organoids are implanted in the brain of an experimental animal.