Posted: 04.02.2022 18:38:00

Soloviev: Lukashenko is in great shape

Russian journalist Vladimir Soloviev talked to the Belarusian media representatives after his interview with the Head of State


Among the questions to the Russian guest was how long Aleksandr Lukashenko could remain the country’s leader. Mr. Soloviev shared his thoughts on the issue, “Who knows... This question should not be addressed to me. This is a question to the Belarusian people. All these games of European institutions do not work in Belarus. In my opinion, they simply stand in light. They have begun to get rid of them [in the country]. Therefore, these are the relationships between Lukashenko and the Belarusian people, and I will definitely not interfere into them from outside.”

The Russian journalist also shared his personal view, “It is obvious that Lukashenko is not going [to leave] – especially now, at a difficult moment. You can also see: he is in great shape – intellectual and physical. He is tenacious. At the same time, such external openness does not mislead me. When Lukashenko is speaking, it is clear that this man is very assertive in the matters that concern his beliefs and his views of what is good for Belarus. No one should have the slightest misperception about this. He is definitely not Yanukovych!”