Posted: 04.02.2022 16:41:00

Soloviev: Latushko and Tikhanovskaya are enemies for me

After his conversation with the President of Belarus, Vladimir Soloviev, VGTRK (All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company) journalist, radio and TV host, shared his opinion with media representatives, saying that he would not impose his point of view on anyone in Belarus


“This would be unprofessional and incorrect to present myself as a specialist in Belarus and assert that I understand everything that is going on in the country since this is only my second visit to Belarus in 58 years of my life. I am not even trying to pretend. Therefore, I always understand the distance. Meanwhile, you are inside, you know and feel much better than I do – than any other person who is coming from outside,” Mr. Soloviev stressed.

The Russian journalist outlined and explained his personal position, “I am guided by the fact that I am a citizen of the Russian Federation and I am observing the situation from Moscow. I am looking at it based on the interests of my state. With this in mind, for example, Latushko is an enemy for me. Tikhanovskaya is an enemy as well. This is because their task is to cause maximum damage to my state.”

Mr. Soloviev believes Belarusians have an exclusive right to decide what suits their interests. “This is the right of Belarus – primarily, as an independent state with all the attributes of sovereignty. Therefore, when I ask questions, I do this not from the inside of Belarusian journalism and Belarusian life. I do not know it,” he noted.

The Russian guest also shared his opinion about the 2020 events in Belarus, saying, “It was interesting for me to monitor them since the technologies of power destruction, on the one hand, and counteraction, on the other hand, were emerging before my eyes. It seemed initially there was a complete information failure, but it was then followed by an unexpected rebirth out of nowhere and an absolute information victory.”