Posted: 16.04.2022 11:33:00

Shved about subbotnik: wonderful tradition of many decades in our blood

In the Year of Historical Memory, the focus is made on cleaning up memorial sites, with participants of the nationwide subbotnik (a voluntary labour day) beautifying and bringing to proper condition places of military glory, as well as burial places of soldiers and partisans of the Great Patriotic War

Much attention is being paid to cleaning and beautification of yards, squares, public gardens, streets, parks, recreation areas, territories of organisations. Thus, employees of the General Prosecutor’s Office planted a tui alley near the building of the General Prosecutor’s Office in Minsk, with Belarus’ Prosecutor General Andrei Shved also taking part in the event, “This is a wonderful tradition of many decades. It is in our blood. This is a labour holiday, with people getting together and arranging a day for themselves, which unites and cheers up, while also bringing benefits. Today, prosecutors all over the country are landscaping the territory of the organisation’s buildings, because we are preparing for a big holiday: the centenary of the procuracy agencies. We want the event to take place in pleasant conditions, so that the environment in which we work is pleasing not only to our eyes, but also to those people who come to us for help.”

Many Minsk residents have joined the subbotnik, bringing the territory of the city, production facilities, and courtyards into order. People are sure that love for one’s own city, region and country as a whole begins with small things: planting a tree and cleaning up the yard.