Posted: 22.12.2021 11:58:00

Shevtsov about helping refugees in crisis centre

The Secretary General of the Belarus Red Cross, Dmitry Shevtsov, told Alfa Radio how assistance was organised to refugees in the transport and logistics centre

“When refugees found themselves in terrible conditions, the Red Cross began to help almost immediately. Circumstances have shown that our organisation is a very serious team – able to mobilise in a short time in order to provide assistance. I do not single out only the help from the Red Cross. I always say that all of Belarus helps. Our organisation couldn’t cope alone with the work that is being done. Both state bodies and state organisations assisted. The Council of the Republic immediately came to the rescue, which [alongside humanitarian aid] helped co-ordinate interaction between all structures. Many Belarusian public organisations and state enterprises also rendered assistance at the border. Belarusians are the kindest people,” noted Mr. Shevtsov.