Posted: 08.07.2022 11:47:00

Several thousand Polish farmers take part in mass protest in Warsaw

Thousands of Polish farmers gathered in Warsaw to express their disagreement with the policy of their authorities in the field of agriculture. Participants of the action are dissatisfied with the increase in prices for fertilisers and the import of agricultural products from other countries, RIA Novosti reports.


The mass protest was initiated by the Agrounia organisation. According to its head Michal Kolodziejczak, it is obvious to Polish farmers that state-owned companies earn on inflation, and they are not worried about the tight situation of farmers.

“There are those who now earn on inflation: these are state-owned companies. They don’t care that it’s hard for us,” he said.

Kolodziejczak added that a large number of imported products appeared in Polish stores.

“We do not agree that Poland is flooded with food manufactured abroad and sold in the country as Polish,” he explained.

The protesters were shouting various slogans at the Polish authorities. In their hands they were holding posters reading: ‘Fat cats, go to work!’ and ‘We will not let ourselves be deceived!’

Earlier it became known about large-scale protests in the UK. Participants took to the streets because of the rising fuel prices. Due to the actions of the protesters, there were problems with traffic on some highways in the UK. The British plan to continue to go out to protest because of the situation with gas prices.