Posted: 02.02.2023 13:20:00

Senators ratified mutual trade promotion agreement between Belarus and Tajikistan

During the tenth session of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, the senators approved the draft law On Ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan on the System of Promoting Mutual Trade

The draft law was submitted to the Council of the Republic members for consideration by Chairman of the State Customs Committee Vladimir Orlovsky, “The document determines the basic principles for real-time transmission of information on the movement of goods and vehicles in accordance with the technical conditions for the exchange of information between the customs authorities of the two countries, the national laws of Belarus and Tajikistan, the norms, standards and recommendations of the UN, the World Customs Organisation, as well as taking into account international best practices in the exchange of information. That is, the customs service of Belarus will see all the information about the clearance of exports to our country in Tajikistan, and vice versa.”

Thus, participants in the foreign economic activity of Belarus and Tajikistan will receive a number of advantages in the customs sphere. In particular, the agreement will make it possible to implement the priority procedure for performing customs operations and simplifying customs formalities.

“The main goals of the document are, on the one hand, to improve the quality of customs administration, on the other hand, to simplify customs procedures for importers,” Vladimir Orlovsky said. “This agreement acquires particular relevance in the context of sanctions pressure on the Republic of Belarus by unfriendly countries. The agreement will help increase and accelerate the supply of goods to Belarus from Tajikistan, first of all, fruits and vegetables to replace the falling supplies from Western countries. This will enable us to more effectively saturate the domestic market for full demand with goods of the proper quality and, most importantly, at affordable prices.”