Posted: 20.03.2023 10:33:00

S. Korea, US launched Ssangyong amphibious drills

The military of South Korea and the United States have begun large-scale exercises on the landing of Ssangyong amphibious assault near the city of Pohang, the Sea of Japan. The last time such drills were conducted by the country in 2018, the South Korean KBS TV channel reports


It is noted that the navy and marines of South Korea and the United States will be training until April 3rd. The scale of Ssangyong exercises has expanded from brigades to divisions, and they involve 30 vessels, 70 aircraft and helicopters, and amphibious vehicles.

Earlier, Yonhap reported that forty marines from the UK will take part in the manoeuvres for the first time. In addition, the military from Australia, the Philippines and France will be present as observers.