Posted: 28.11.2022 14:18:00

Russian Governor: meetings with Lukashenko boost co-operation between Belarus and Primorsky Krai

Visits of Primorsky Krai delegations to Belarus and meetings with the Belarusian President give impetus to the processes of co-operation between Belarus and the Russian territory – as stated by the Governor of the Primorsky Krai, Oleg Kozhemyako, after his today’s meeting with Aleksandr Lukashenko


“A governmental delegation visits Belarus once a year to study the avenues of co-operation and to strengthen some aspects of it. New directions and new topics emerge, and meetings with the Belarusian leader give additional impulses and accelerate the processes of co-operation. The negotiations, directions and vectors – that we set – produce positive results. Over three years, the volume of trade turnover has increased more than 3.5-fold to reach 6bn Russian Roubles. Supplies of Belarusian food – which enjoys a great popularity in the Primorsky Krai – have increased to make up to 2bn [Russian Roubles] this year," Mr. Kozhemyako said.

According to the Russian Governor, the Krai has purchased 109 pieces of equipment in Belarus in 2022, including more than twenty 130-tonne BelAZ trucks.

“We are now preparing to conclude contracts with Amkodor for the supply of road machinery. Electric buses are also interesting for us. A joint facility starts its operation in the Primorsky Krai to produce power transformers – following a relevant agreement signed by the UssuriyskAutomobile Repair Plant and Minsk’s V.I. Kozlov Electrotechnical Plant. Construction of an exhibition and service centre has been launched; Belarusian products are supposed to be sold there. These are the import substitution programmes that are needed. In particular, Belarusian equipment adequately replaces imported analogues in our agricultural fields,” Mr. Kozhemyako stressed.