Posted: 01.06.2023 16:49:00

Russian Governor explained why Belarus is of interest to Lipetsk Region

Belarus and the Lipetsk Region have good prospects for increasing the dynamics of co-operation in many areas – as stated by the Governor of the Lipetsk Region, Igor Artamonov, during his today’s meeting with the President of Belarus


This is Mr. Artamonov’s fourth visit to Belarus, and he commented, “Every time I feel a sense of genuine admiration. By driving through the cities of Belarus, I see how everything is arranged there – with love and care. I sincerely want to use some of this in our practice in Lipetsk. We enjoy very good dynamics in imports, and Q1 2023 brought us a 57 percent increase to the corresponding level of last year. Belarusian household appliances, cosmetics, textiles, food, municipal and agricultural machinery enjoy popularity in the Lipetsk Region. Almost every second tractor bought in our region is Belarusian-made. Three dealerships successfully sell Belarusian-made equipment.”

In an interview with journalists, Mr. Artamonov informed that the opportunities for Belarusian designers in the Russian region were also discussed during his meeting with the Belarusian leader. “Belarus’ state design institutes have serious competencies, and they are urgently needed in Russia where many national projects are being implemented. We talked a lot about the opportunities for Belarusian builders to come to our social facilities,” he said.

Mr. Artamonov also noted the active development of unmanned vehicles in Belarus. This benefits the Lipetsk Region, which is a pilot region in Russia using UAVs in agriculture.