Posted: 30.11.2023 10:17:00

Russia declared indisputable evidence of toxic chemicals transfer from US to Kiev

Russia has indisputable evidence that the US and its allies are supplying toxic chemicals to Ukraine – as stated by Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Kirill Lysogorsky, who heads the Russian delegation at the 28th session of the Conference of the OPCW States Parties, TASS reports


“We have indisputable evidence at our disposal of the involvement of the United States and its Euro-Atlantic allies in supplying to Ukraine toxic chemicals, as well as means of their delivery,” he noted. “Such toxic chemicals are being transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and foreign mercenaries fighting on the side of the Kiev regime.”

According to Kirill Lysogorsky, at the same time the US and its associates are striving to oust Russia from the OPCW Executive Council. As part of this process, he continued, an anti-Russian lobby of 18 states subordinate to the military and political interests of NATO and the EU had been created in the OPCW’s East European Group on orders from Washington and Brussels, and Lithuania had applied for participation in the Executive Council.”

“That country has no chemical industry of its own, so it is unable to contribute any added value to coping with the OPCW’s tasks. On the contrary, it will be weakening the organisation,” the head of the Russian delegation underlined. “Ultimately, what is happening looks more like a farce than constructive work for the goals of the Chemical Weapons Convention. Therefore, it would be reasonable for Lithuania to withdraw its bid in order to make the conference more effective.”