Posted: 02.02.2023 12:44:00

Russia at UN warned about risks of armed clash of nuclear powers

The supply of Western weapons to Kiev, used to shell civilians in Donbass, increases the risk of a clash of nuclear powers – as stated by representatives of the Russian delegation at the plenary session of the UN Conference on Disarmament, RIA Novosti reports


Diplomats stressed, “With their deepening involvement in the military confrontation in Ukraine through the supply of weapons, the training of mercenaries, and the provision of intelligence information, these countries [France, the United States and Great Britain] create real risks of a direct armed clash of nuclear powers.”

It was also noted that due to the transfer of weapons and ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, people are dying in Donbas every day.

“Such support for the Kiev regime sharply contrast with the statements of the official representatives of these countries about the need for a political and diplomatic settlement of the situation in Ukraine, leading to a prolongation of the conflict and numerous new victims,” the representatives of the Russian Federation added.