Posted: 22.10.2021 13:17:00

Rural territories develop thanks to agro-tourism

Ecotourism has contributed to development of rural territories. The trend is supported by enthusiasts, the President and the Government – as Belarus’ Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism, Mikhail Portnoy, asserts.

“The project was launched more than 15 years ago and is still successful. This is confirmed by our leading positions in some global ratings related to ecotourism development. This sphere is already our trademark. However, the key is our people,” Mr. Portnoy said. “Not attracting virtually any public funds, investments have come into the sphere. Its infrastructure has improved and jobs have been created in rural areas. This positively affects the country's economy. The main goal of supporting the sphere has been achieved and the recent minor changes to the decree have been supported by the President. Accordingly, this sphere of tourism will continue to develop. There are certain points that need attention but we are aware of them and are actively working over the solution of all problems.”

This Saturday, on October 23rd, the Open Door Day will be happy to welcome everyone to Belarusian agricultural estates. The list of participating homesteads is available on websites of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism and the Country Escape Association for Rural and Ecotourism.