Posted: 13.07.2023 16:43:00

Romania to host military drills with NATO fleet

The Poseidon-2023 multinational naval military drills will be held in Romania from July 14th-21st, involving nine NATO member states, RIA Novosti reports


According to the headquarters of the Romanian Navy, more than 750 military personnel of the Romanian Navy, other structures of the national defence system, as well as from Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Great Britain, the United States of America and Türkiye will hold joint events in the military port of Constanta and in educational districts in western part of the Black Sea.

It’s noted that the Poseidon-2023 tactical drills are organised annually by Romania and Bulgaria in turn.

It’s reported that during the exercises, the Romanian Navy will test the Regina Maria frigate, which is part of the NATO Response Forces, and the minesweeper Vice Admiral Constantin Belescu, the sea minesweeper Senior Lieutenant Alexandru Axente, the corvette Admiral Petre Petre Barbuneanu, ship of maritime support and intervention with divers Grozavul, combat training aircraft IAR-99 Soim (hawk), helicopter Puma and a platoon of ground forces.

Bulgaria will be represented by minesweepers Cibar and Shkval, France – by patrol aircraft and sappers. The United States and Belgium will be represented by underwater drones and sappers. The rest of the countries – by staff officers and detachments of sappers.

According to the headquarters of the Romanian Navy, the main goals of the drills are to increase the level of interaction between the teams, to determine the assessment and qualification of the capabilities of the Romanian Navy to carry out NATO and EU missions, as well as national defence tasks.