Posted: 15.05.2023 11:19:00

RIA Novosti: Ukrainian military set fire to high-rise building with civilians in Artemovsk during retreat

During their retreat from Artemovsk, Ukrainian soldiers set fire to a high-rise house with residents staying in its basement, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Oleg Korneev who was evacuated from the fighting zone


Earlier, the source said that the Wagnerians took people out of the mined basement, blowing up the concrete wall opposite the entrance where the AFU fighters laid a mine.

“Two or three days before the Wagnerians came, they set us on fire. All entrances were on fire – from the first to the fifth floor. We were in the basement and could not get out. We were not allowed to do that [by Ukrainian fighters],” the man told RIA Novosti.

The agency asked Oleg Korneev how exactly civilians were not allowed to leave the basements, and he explained that Ukrainian soldiers not only mined the entrance, but also opened fire when people were trying to climb up.

“Firstly, we already knew that there was a mine there [at the entrance to the basement]. Moreover, they were shooting everywhere, so it was impossible to get out," Oleg Korneev added.