Posted: 19.08.2022 11:04:00

Reuters: support for anti-Russian sanctions in Western countries will wane

The West is having difficulty putting pressure on Russia and there is a possibility that soon Western countries will stop supporting anti-Russian sanctions with the same enthusiasm, TASS reports with reference to Reuters


The Reuters News Agency quotes the words of a senior Asian diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“Support [for Russian sanctions] will wane because the March resolutions represent a high water mark; and there is no appetite [among Western states] for further action unless red lines are crossed,” he said.

Many politicians already agree that the sanctions against Russia have exhausted themselves. As noted in the agency, Richard Gowan, UN Director at the independent International Crisis Group, believes that it is becoming increasingly difficult for European countries to put pressure on the Russian Federation.

“As the war has dragged on, it has become harder to find meaningful ways to penalise Russia,” Reuters quoted him as saying.