Posted: 27.01.2023 13:26:00

Retired US intelligence officer: Ukraine mistaken about US and NATO attitude towards it

The United States and the North Atlantic Alliance are indifferent to Ukraine, but Kiev does not yet understand this – as stated by the retired intelligence officer of the US Marine Corps Scott Ritter, RIA Novosti reports


Ritter expressed the opinion that Kiev is supported in the West only in words. The ex-intelligence officer stated that under no circumstances will Ukraine be able to win in a special operation. At the same time, the West, according to Ritter, ‘continues to fool Kiev’s head’.

According to the ex-intelligence officer, the US and NATO are sacrificing Ukraine in order to harm Russia. He stressed that even if Ukraine could be rebuilt after the hostilities, that country would never become part of the collective West.

“The situation in Ukraine is desperate, the time for games has long passed. It’s now time to start asking NATO, which dragged them into all this and is leading to failure. Meanwhile, Ukrainians continue to die in the hope of a miracle,” Ritter concluded.