Posted: 17.03.2023 17:06:00

Researchers uncover errors in Arctic Ocean climate models

Scientists from the US and Norway compared the results of calculations of climate models of the Arctic Ocean with the results of real observations and identified errors. This applies to forecasts, descriptions of the structure of the ocean layers, as well as the nature of the movement of deep water flows. The work was published in the Journal of Climate. The press service of the Norwegian University of Gothenburg announced the results, TASS reports.


“At present, we cannot provide a useful prediction of how quickly the Arctic sea ice is melting. This is a serious situation. If governments and organisations all over the world are going to rely on these climate models, they must be improved,” said Céline Heuzé, a researcher at the University of Gothenburg.

The Arctic and Antarctic remain among the most vulnerable regions in the world to climate change. In recent years, average temperatures in their territory have increased by 6-7 degrees. As Céline Heuzé and her colleagues note, further ice melting will lead to serious changes in the circulation of currents and irreversible changes in the climate of the entire planet.