Posted: 13.05.2023 13:32:00

Regular drills involving 60 aircraft launched by S. Korean Air Force

A large-scale Soaring Eagle exercise involving about 60 aircraft, including F-35A stealth fighters, has started in South Korean Cheongju, Yonhap reports


According to the source, the drills will last until May 19th, and about 260 people are taking part.

In addition to the F-35A, F-15K, KF-16 and KC-330 tanker transport aircraft are involved in the manoeuvres.

"The training includes several scenarios, including infiltrations by enemy special forces and aircraft, as well as cruise missile launches,” the agency reported.

As stated by South Korean Air Force Colonel, Won Kwon–soo, ‘the purpose of the exercises is to become equipped with swift response capabilities against recently continuing enemy provocations and threats, and acquire the best operational capability by verifying strike capabilities’.

The Soaring Eagle has been held regularly since 2008.