Posted: 30.09.2021 14:42:00

Regional teachers honoured in Gomel

Gomel’s Social and Cultural Centre has hosted an event dedicated to the Teachers’ Day which is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday of October

“A teacher is the second person after the mother,” the Deputy Chairman of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee, Andrei Konyushko, said. “They not simply teach reading and writing but also shape the worldview and determine the country’s future. This profession is far from simple and is not always rewarding.”

On behalf of the regional authorities, Mr. Konyushko congratulated those present on the professional holiday, also wishing all the best to the region’s teachers. There are 60,000 of them, including pre-school teachers and technical workers. Representatives of the sphere were awarded diplomas, letters of gratitude and badges at the ceremony.

Ruslan Smirnov, the Head of the Main Department of Education at the Gomel Regional Executive Committee, noted that the region's education system is the largest: over 1,160 institutions function here. Teachers approached the upcoming Teachers’ Day with good results in centralised testing, Olympiad movement, creativity and sports. Their achievements are rooted in painstaking work and the ability to organise and inspire children.