Posted: 12.06.2023 11:13:00

Refugee in need of medical assistance found on border with Lithuania by Belarusian border guards

On the border with Lithuania, Belarusian border guards have found a refugee who needed medical assistance – according to the information posted by the State Border Committee of Belarus in its official Telegram channel, BelTA reports

The man was found on June 9th. The foreigner told the Belarusian border guards that he was detained on the territory of Lithuania. The refugee asked for protection and asylum, but despite this, the Lithuanian servicemen beat the man, threatened him with a weapon and used a stun gun against him.

After beatings and bullying, foreign security forces forced the weakened man to cross the river to the Belarusian side of the border. Their actions deliberately put the refugee’s life in mortal danger. Belarusian servicemen rendered the necessary assistance to the victim.