Posted: 27.03.2023 10:02:00

Putin: collective West is building an axis like a bloc of fascist Germany and militaristic Japan

Western countries are beginning to build a new military bloc like the German-Italian-Japanese ‘axis’ of WWII – as stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, RIA Novosti reports


In his talk with Rossiya 24 TV channel’s journalist, Pavel Zarubin, the Russian leader recalled that, last year, NATO agreed on a new strategic concept and announced plans to develop relations with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region: New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, and others. “They announced the plans to create a global NATO. How is this possible?” Vladimir Putin wondered.

At the same time, the President of Russia said that Britain and Japan have signed an agreement on mutual openness this year. Accordingly, the countries are going to establish contacts in the military sphere.

“That is why Western analysts themselves say – it's not us, but they who say – that the West is starting to build a new axis, like the one that was created back in the 1930s by fascist regimes in Germany, Italy and militaristic Japan,” the Russian leader said.

Vladimir Putin added that Russia is not creating a military alliance with China and poses no threat to any country, “True, we co-operate in the field of military-technical interaction, and we do not hide this. We are doing everything transparently,” he noted.