Posted: 23.06.2022 10:06:00

Pushilin: two weeks left for mercenaries sentenced to death to appeal

Around two weeks are left to appeal against the decision of the Supreme Court of the Donetsk People’s Republic that has sentenced foreign mercenaries to death. These persons now stay in one-man cells in adequate conditions – as informed by the DPR Head, Denis Pushilin, in his talk with Soloviov. LIVE, RIA Novosti reports.


According to Mr. Pushilin, around two weeks are still available for an appeal in the constitutional order; the issue will then be settled as decided by the DPR Justice Ministry.

Speaking of the conditions in which the foreign mercenaries are kept, Mr. Pushilin stressed that they stay at one-man cells in absolutely adequate conditions. "Of course, they lack bells and whistles, but are provided with everything necessary in line with international norms,” he said.