Posted: 29.09.2022 14:37:00

Pushilin: NATO instructors directly involved in Ukrainian attacks

Instructors of the North Atlantic Alliance not only prepare the Ukrainian military for combat operations, but also directly participate in attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – as stated by the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, RIA Novosti reports


Mr. Pushilin informed that the presence of NATO instructors among the Ukrainian army personnel has been increasingly recorded in the DPR. “They are not simply [involved] in the training of Ukrainian armed formations, but start to head these units and lead them to attack,” he said.

Mr. Pushilin also shared his opinion about the weapons supplied to Ukraine. According to him, the West has been transferring various arms to Kiev for a long time. “These weapons have been supplied for a long time – being used at the Donbass territories and other liberated lands,” he stressed.