Posted: 29.11.2022 16:41:00

Psychiatric hospital workers on strike in Paris

In Paris, employees of psychiatric departments are on strike for reasons of lack of personnel and funds to treat patients, RIA Novosti reports

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A strike of psychiatry workers is taking place in front of the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health, with dozens of psychiatrists and industry representatives taking part. The protesters demand from the French Government to provide more funds for treatment of patients, and also to increase the number of medical personnel.

"I have been working in a department of child psychiatry for twenty years and I see how the working conditions have been getting worse. There are fewer staff in departments, and we are allocated fewer funds to ensure our professional activities, especially in the suburbs. We do not have enough departments for treatment of children, especially boys and girls with special needs and autistic people," a rally participant said, adding that the number of sick children has increased dramatically recently, and there are not enough funds for their treatment. As a result, many of them have to be placed on waiting lists. She also stressed that the economic crisis in France has affected the current situation in the health sector, and it is definitely getting worse.