Posted: 21.07.2022 13:33:00

Protest against Ukrainian flags on public transport began in Poland

In Poland, representatives of the Confederation of the Polish Crown youth party came out to the cities of Wroclaw to protest against Ukrainian flags being placed on public transport in the city, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Wirtualna Polska

Representatives of the Polish youth said that they are not satisfied with some of the actions of their country’s government.

“We do not want to make Ukropolia out of Poland and we will not allow our government to do this,” said the participants in the action.

The protesters also announced the need to create a petition, according to which Polish, not Ukrainian flags should be placed on the city’s public transport. The activists added that the Polish youth do not want the Polish authorities to act ‘at the behest of the Brussels Eurocrats’.

To clarify the situation with the flags, the head of the Wrocław passenger motor transport company, Krzysztof Balawejder, came out to the participants of the action. He said that it was his decision to place the flags of Ukraine on the public transport of the city. According to Balawejder, in the current situation in the world there are ‘only two sides: either for Russia or for Ukraine’.

Earlier the Polish authorities decided to review some assistance programmes for Ukrainian refugees who arrived in the country. So, Ukrainians can no longer use public transport for free. Moreover, the Poles who agreed to provide Ukrainian refugees with housing are no longer provided with monetary compensation.