Posted: 12.10.2021 14:57:00

Professor Fallico: Verona forum to pay special attention to reliable energy sources

Development of reliable energy sources will be high on the agenda at the 14th Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona – as announced by the President of Conoscere Eurasia and Chairman of Banca Intesa, Professor Antonio Fallico, during an online conference dedicated to the in-person event scheduled for October 28th-29th 

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Antonio Fallico noted that not only Europe but also some other continents are interested in the issues of sustainable energy supply. According to him, the so-called energy and environmental transition is a lengthy process which cannot yet bypass the existing oil and gas extracting technologies.

"Blue hydrogen is quite adequate for protection of our natural resources now and will remain such for many years to come. I hope our discussion at the 14th Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona will be comprehensive and based on technological development and will not be subject to fashion,” Mr. Fallico added.

He also stressed, “Alas, it is now fashionable to de-invest in traditional sources. It’s a very negative factor since it guides us to higher prices for raw materials and, mainly, for energy – which has not been observed since 2018. I hope our Verona platform will contribute to overcoming such an ‘advertising’ approach which attracts increased attention from many structures."