Posted: 15.05.2024 09:53:00

President’s press secretary revealed which newspapers Lukashenko reads

Press secretary of the President of Belarus Natalya Eismont told the Belarus 1 TV channel which newspaper get on the Head of State’s table


Ms. Eismont underlined that the main criterion is hot off the press. Newspapers are delivered to the President early in the morning.

“Of course, he always looks through the newspapers,” the President’s spokesperson noted. “Moreover, we also prepare a media review. This is also a mandatory option. We take into account the peculiarities of the upcoming day, collecting materials for the visits: something that might be useful. As for the newspapers, these are always our Belarusian printed media, including, of course, the latest issue of the SB. Belarus Segodnya edition. There are also some additional interesting newspapers. The President is for sure familiar with our regional media. Although it is difficult to call it regional, because the agenda is always very serious, as, e.g., in the Minskaya Prauda (Minsk Truth) newspaper. I think the President is always interested in reading it. The Russian press is also present on his table.”