Posted: 31.01.2022 13:10:00

President’s hockey team defeated Mogilev Region squad in amateur hockey tournament

The ice hockey team of the President of Belarus celebrated its fourth victory in the matches of the 15th Republican Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament for the Prizes of the President’s Sports Club – as reported by BelTA


On the ice of Minsk’s Olympic-Arena, the President’s team beat the hockey players of the Mogilev Region – 12:4 (4:0, 4:3, 4:1). For a long time, the rivals failed to open the score, but in the middle of the first period, the hosts hit the gates of Mogilev players four times in a row within just four minutes.

At first, Nikolai Lukashenko scored the goal, supported later by Yaroslav Chupris, Denis Kurdeko and Dmitry Yudin. Forty seconds after the start of the second third of the match, Nikolai Lukashenko scored his second goal. Then Mikhail Grabovsky and Denis Kurdeko hit the guests’ gates twice more, after which Sergei Yasyukevich and Artem Volkov played back two goals. Before the second break, Artem Antonenko and Sergei Zubarev exchanged goals. In the final 20 minutes, the audience saw five scored goals. Among the winners, Nikolai Lukashenko scored three more times (now boasting five goals) while Artem Antonenko scored his scoring double and Artem Volkov scored the second goal for the guests.

Oleg Bondarev (Mogilev Region) and Nikolai Lukashenko (President’s team) were recognised as the best players of the match. According to a long-established tradition, the fans were not left without gifts either; immediately after the end of the meeting they were presented with dozens of soft toys from the players of the President’s team. Moreover, during the breaks of the match, the most active fans took part in various competitions right on the ice, and winners were given prizes from the President’s Sports Club.

At the start of the tournament, the President’s team defeated the ice hockey players of the Brest Region – 7:3, then beat the team of the Minsk Region – 5:2, and then was stronger than the those from the Gomel region – 8:2.

The ice squad of the Head of State will play the next match on February 12th against hockey players from the Grodno Region.

The hockey team of the President has won competitions among amateur teams 12 times, while ice hockey players from Gomel and Minsk regions also boast one title each.

The organisers of the 15th Republican Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament are the President’s Sports Club, the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, and the Minsk City Executive Committee.