Posted: 31.01.2023 17:54:00

President of Zimbabwe: thanks to Belarus, our country has solved the issue of food security once and for all

Thanks to Belarus, Zimbabwe has been able to solve the issue of its food security once and for all – as stated by the country’s President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, BelTA reports


Belarus supplies agricultural and other equipment to Zimbabwe, and also trains specialists. Co-operation is developing in some other areas as well.

Emmerson Mnangagwa said that he was impressed by Belarus, the development level of its industries, including the agro-industrial sector.

"We have decided to develop relations with Belarus in this area. Thanks to Belarus, we have been able to solve the issue of the country's food security once and for all," he noted.

Some other machinery is also supplied to Zimbabwe: i.e. quarry equipment – including BELAZ and fire trucks. The Zimbabwean leader also looks forward to the development of co-operation in the field of science and technology.

"We are ready to be friends with Belarus and with all countries that share our approach. It cannot be that one country is a horse and the other one is a teamster. We are either all horses, or teamsters. We should all be in the same boat and look in one direction. Since our first meeting with Aleksandr Lukashenko, we have developed some kind of ‘chemistry’, realising that we share a single view, including with regard to the development of our countries. Since then, we have been friends, also working together for the benefit of our peoples," the President of Zimbabwe concluded.