Posted: 06.10.2022 17:42:00

President instructed to focus on prompt completion of autumn field work

During today’s meeting with the economic bloc of the Government and the heads of regions, Aleksandr Lukashenko focused on the need for the prompt completion of autumn field work, BelTA reports

“We should close the agricultural year with the last hectare of fall ploughing. It is necessary to ensure winter tillage in the same way it was done last year," the Head of State demanded, adding that – according to experts – if there had been no additional pressure on this issue last year, it would not have been possible to get a high yield in 2022.

However, there are other areas which require additional efforts when weather is good. "We have not yet finished sowing winter crops, which are our next year’s harvest – so throw the grain into the soil immediately,” the Belarusian leader noted. “We need to finish sowing, this is the key. Another task is to harvest corn, this problem should be solved instantly. Actually, some have not yet dug up potatoes, collected flax or harvested sugar beet..."

As regards digging up potatoes, the President is convinced that there will be no problems: small volumes are left. Meanwhile, Aleksandr Lukashenko paid special attention to flax, which is another main task. "If it spends too much time on fields, it will rot,” he warned, noting that flax products enjoy great demand.

"It is actually no need to export it far: Russia is nearby, and it needs everything. Earn this money right behind the fence. But we need to mobilise, to unite our efforts – not only to feed ourselves in Belarus, but also to make profit on this,” the Head of State said.