Posted: 07.07.2022 11:49:00

President appointed new heads for 10 districts of Belarus

Aleksandr Lukashenko has made a number of personnel decisions. In particular, the President of Belarus agreed to appoint a number of heads of local executive and administrative bodies.


From now on, Ivan Fedorov will become the Chairman of the Liozno District Executive Committee, Aleksandr Kokhan, who previously headed the Bragin District, will now works as the Chairman of the Petrikov District Executive Committee. In turn, the Bragin District will be headed by Sergei Karpenko, the Zhitkovichi District Executive Committee will be led by Nikolai Piavko, the Novogrudok District – by Sergei Charkovsky, and the Pukhovichi District Executive Committee will be chaired by Andrei Atrushkevich.

A new leader will also appear in the Cherven District: Vladimir Novitsky. Vladimir Kniga was approved for the post of Chairman of the Glussk District Executive Committee while Valery Nosko will head the Krasnopolsk District. The Klimovichi District will now be led by Dmitry Khainovsky, who previously held the position of First Deputy Chairman of the Krichev District Executive Committee.