Posted: 30.09.2021 15:49:00

Preschool education more available

As the Minsk City Executive Committee’s Department for Preschool, Secondary and Special Education has informed, 93 new kindergartens will be built countrywide by 2025 

Over the recent five years, 72 preschool educational institutions for more than 14,000 children were put into operation – as part of the implementation of the Government-approved plan for the availability of preschool education in 2016-2020.

Under the Education and Youth Policy state programme – running from 2021 to 2025 – another 93 kindergartens will be built, to welcome over 20,000 boys and girls countrywide. As supposed, local and national budgets will allocate funds, as well as investors. In the Vitebsk and Minsk regions, as well as in the city of Minsk, eight preschool institutions will be built using investment. Moreover, it’s planned that, in Minsk, the Brest and Minsk regions, several kindergartens will occupy ground floors of residential buildings.

At present, 466 state institutions of preschool education function in Minsk, with around 99,000 children attending them. Since September 1st, among them there are 190 Belarusian language groups (three years ago, 144 kindergarten groups used Belarusian for daily communication).