Posted: 29.03.2023 11:32:00

Politico: Estonia renewing its arsenals at the EU expense, sending old stocks to Ukraine

Estonia is renewing its arsenal of weapons at the expense of the European Union, and the old stocks are being transferred to Kiev, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Politico


Politico refers to sources familiar with the situation, whose names it does not disclose. According to the publication, a EU diplomat informed that Estonia is sending Kiev weapons that are no longer being produced today, and requires compensation from the European Union based on the cost of modern analogues.

It is noted that Tallinn receives compensation for the assistance provided to Kiev through the off-budget European Peace Facility. According to Politico, six states have calculated claims for reimbursement of expenses based on the purchase price of new materials, and not the actual current value of the assistance they have transferred to Kiev. These countries include Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, France, and Sweden.