Posted: 01.12.2023 16:25:00

Politico: anti-Russian sanctions failed to change the course of the conflict in Ukraine’s favour

Despite the broad scope and application of anti-Russian sanctions, Ukraine was unable to gain an advantage and change the course of the conflict in its favour, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Politico


Commenting on anti-Russian restrictions, Andreas Umland, an analyst at the Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, noted, “They only slightly changed the course of the war. And in 2022 – when a significant part of them came into force – Russia for the first time in its history overtook Germany in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP).”

The article also underlines that the West once considered economic sanctions its main weapon, but now this method has turned out to be useless.

“Many Western companies continue to buy and export to Russia through various intermediaries,” the article reads.