Posted: 30.11.2021 12:19:00

Political scientist comments on US plans to destabilise Europe

Political scientist Vadim Borovik has talked to Alfa Radio, commenting on the United States’ plans to destabilise Europe

“Americans now have another opportunity to take control of western civilisation. They want to drag Europe into a smouldering military conflict [with Russia and its allies] – not necessarily involving all the states: for example, Ukraine and Poland. The Baltic States will join then, Germany will support Poland. The Euro will go out of play, [the rich] will start transferring money to the United States which will face an economic growth as a result,” Mr. Borovik described the situation.

As the programme host recalled, a similar issue was raised at a meeting on military security with the President’s participation, on November 29th. Aleksandr Lukashenko then said, “I am convinced that, within a year or two, they want to destroy the European Union at the behest of the United States. Americans do not need partners who can rival them." Mr. Borovik agreed with this view, “I support Aleksandr Lukashenko. His presidential wisdom has already become a byword."

Talking about the benefits of the United States in destabilisation of certain regions, the political scientist noted, “What do Americans say? This is: "We, starting a military conflict, do not set a goal to win. Many people mistakenly think that when we are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, our goal is to win the war. There is no such goal. The goal is to destabilise the region so that it cannot be our rival for decades to come." Today, part of the global elite keeps its reserves in the EU; technologies and so on are there. Naturally, [the US] will not completely destroy it. But if American companies tilt Europe a little, force it to participate in a regional conflict, the United States will win in both of those places.”

"These are not illusions and not horror stories for voters. This is a real concept," the speaker concluded.